our history

About the company

TekSiC was established in 2021 and is based in Linköping (Sweden). Our long-term aim is to develop, manufacture and sell the next generation crystal growth systems that are prepared for Industry 4.0. TekSiC is aiming for a global market with a well-established maintenance and support organization.

An experienced team

The TekSiC Team has over 60 years of experience in designing and running SiC crystal growth systems (PVT and HTCVD). Additionally, we have over 40 years of experience in designing and running epitaxial tools for wide bandgap semiconductors such as SiC, GaN, and Ga2O3.

Continuous development

The Team thrives when faced with engineering challenges, resulting in new and innovative solutions. To meet the demands of the future, we continuously develop our products and invent new semiconductor growth systems.